These terms and conditions govern the relationship between Les Ecuadors SPRL represented by its manager MARINO FATO, registered with the Trade and Companies under number VAT BE 0457.865.338– Gallery of the king 10-1000 – BRUSSELS, (hereinafter -after “Les Ecuadors SPRL) and any person or company making a purchase online (” Customer “) through sites lesecuadors.com, lesecuadors.be, lesecuadors.be (the” Sites “). The Sites are owned by the company LES SPRL Ecuadors in its entirety, as well as all rights pertaining thereto. Reproduction in whole or in part, is always subject to the authorization of its owner holds these rights. However, hypertext links to the site are permitted if they are intended to promote the site and products sold by Les Ecuadors SPRL.

1. Acceptance of Terms

Customer acknowledges, on the one hand, having read, at the time of ordering, these general conditions and different notices, information, available and downloadable on the site it declares unreservedly accept. These terms and conditions set the framework for orders placed on the site, each order is deemed to incorporate all the terms. These terms and conditions shall prevail over all other conditions contained in any other document.

Here, the term “product”, any finished or semi-finished perfumery, scented products, piped or leisure, luxury or standard or custom decoration whose distance selling is made possible on the Site “Customer”, the natural person who purchases Products on the Site or the professional who acquires them for the purposes of his business; “Order” paperless document or paper, signed or entered by the Customer on the Site.

Les Ecuadors SPRL can modify its general conditions at any time, the version applicable to any transaction between the parties being that which is available online as part of the ordering process on the Website. It is the Customer to retain on its hard disk documentary elements (printable surplus) of its Order. According to the regulations applicable to electronic distance contracts only are kept for a period of ten years on a backup server, contracts concluded electronically with Customers involving sums equal or exceed 120 euros.

Site Access

Like any website, the website is accessible at all times subject to the curative or preventive maintenance of Internet access providers, cases of force majeure, the necessary updates to the Site and under which Les Ecuadors can SPRL be held responsible.

2. Illustration and essential characteristics of products

Products offered include the Customer on the Site in stocks and subject to proper functioning of the Site. Each product offered on the Site is subject to a summary presentation complies with regulations stating its name, its characteristics, price, photograph, with regard essences or raw materials an explanatory description, a notice of use with discharge, if appropriate, with further explanation. The photographs illustrating the products, do not enter the contractual field. If errors occur, shall in no case, the responsibility of Les Ecuadors SPRL can not be held. The intellectual property rights to these pictures are owned by Les Ecuadors SPRL, which grants no license in this regard. Standard products offered online to its customers by Les Ecuadors SPRL are available in the warehouse at its disposal. Customized products are subject to a finish development thanks to the intervention of the Board Perfumer Les Ecuadors SPRL. The raw materials and components comply with the relevant sectoral rules.

Contractual path and order process

It guarantees the accuracy of personal information provided about him. He receives a confirmation of creation of his account by email. Any order for Products through the username and password will be presumed to have been made by the Customer.

Customer may go to the actual command that results in the following phases:

General framework

For standard products

Product choice, confirmation of this choice by adding to cart (1 click), confirmation by a basket of the order terminating click (complete the command or order: 2nd click), Intelligence by Customer of its details online (or Customer Identification and contact information) that the customer confirms by a click; Choice of mode of delivery by a click; Verify Summary of the order and its price with the right to correct any errors, consultation with and acceptance of terms and conditions (downloadable) by checking the appropriate box and confirming the order (3rd click), mode choice payment by a click Instant Payment of order by check or delayed; Shipping by Les Ecuadors SPRL of the acknowledgment of receipt of the order with the mandatory information and invoice parts attached PDF storable on the hard drive of the Client computer.

3. Recording and processing of the Order

The automatic registration systems are considered as proof of the nature, content and date of the order. THE Ecuadors SPRL confirms the acceptance of its purchase order to the email address he has given. The sale will be concluded only after the confirmation of the order and after payment centers have given their agreement. In case of rejection of the payment center concerned, the order will be canceled and the customer notified by email. Les Ecuadors SPRL reserves the right to cancel any order from a customer with whom there is a dispute over payment of a previous order or whose personal account would contain inaccurate information or suggesting that it would be a fraud. The information stated by the buyer, when taking control commit this: if error in the address of the recipient, the seller can not be held responsible for failure in which he could deliver the product.

4. Delivery

THE SPRL Ecuadors fact deliver the parcel Orders placed on the Site to countries accessible by postal delivery services. THE SPRL Ecuadors will make every effort to process orders in the stocks of the Products offered on the Site. THE Ecuadors SPRL can not be held liable for breach of an Order entered in case of unavailability or in case of out of stock at the manufacturer or supplier. If after confirmation of the Order reserved Product proves not to be available, Les Ecuadors SPRL will notify by email or telephone the Customer as soon as possible.

If the Product is not available and can not be delivered by mail within 15 days of the maximum delivery date of the order, the customer service Les Ecuadors SPRL will contact the customer to confirm with him the repayment terms of the order which will occur no later than within 30 days. Alternatively, the customer service of Les Ecuadors SPRL may offer a refund in the form of voucher, to have the entire site for one year, or provide a substitute product available equivalent quality and price. In case of supply of goods of a quality and a price equivalent return costs when exercising the right of withdrawal by the customer will be borne by Les Ecuadors SPRL.

Exceptionally, in case of supply difficulties for all or part of the Products requested in connection with an Order, the Order can be put on hold by Les Ecuadors SPRL until receipt of all products.

It is still clear that for reasons of availability, an order can be delivered several times to the customer and will be shipped upon receipt by Les Ecuadors SPRL of all products. If the customer wants two different places of delivery, he spent two orders, with delivery charges by double correspondents.

Delivery times correspond to the time of treatment and delivery of Products. When not available in stocks, deadlines themselves are calculated based on the date of receipt of the Product supplied by the manufacturer and partner of Les Ecuadors SPRL, whichever is known is based on supply possibilities at the time of the order.

These times do not include public holidays and weekends. Delivery times are given to the Customer in individual cases or when validating the order summary by the client, either upon the receipt of the Order by Les Ecuadors SPRL.

European Delivery EEC:

Package: the package given by Les Ecuadors SPRL mailing or carrier comes within three to five business days at the rates mentioned on the website and included in the invoice, to the address mentioned by the Customer. If the Customer is absent at the time of delivery, the delivery will be notified by mail that will set the terms of a delivery or removal of the package.

Sample: delivery by mail made.

Delivery abroad:

Package: the package Les Ecuadors SPRL entrusted by the carrier comes within a maximum of two (2) to ten (10) business days at the rates mentioned on the website and included in the invoice, to the address mentioned by the Customer. If the Customer is absent at the time of delivery, it will be contacted by the service provider assures delivery with the carrier and set the terms of a re-delivery or removal of the package. If delivery by the Postal Service, it will contact the postal service of his country to withdraw its package and set a new delivery.

Sample: delivery by mail conducted through Postal and then delivered to the postal service of the country of delivery.



Les Ecuadors SPRL can not deliver to PO boxes or to naval and military addresses.

Deliveries are deemed made upon availability of the Product from the Customer or its agent by the carrier, which collects the signature / receipt of the latter via paper or electronic control system in use by that carrier or, in case of absence, by delivery of a notice of availability or passage in the recipient’s mailbox.

If the parcel is not received despite the various passages of the carrier or if it is not received because no one comes to the point where it is relay, THE SPRL Ecuadors remains entitled to collect the corresponding amount or keep it when the payment was received by the latter. A package not withdrawn / received can be returned to Les Ecuadors SPRL, the recipient is then notified by email. The Customer may nevertheless request redelivery whose costs are borne by the latter.


If the CLIENT accepts the package, it should be mentioned on the document of the carrier or its reserves to the register by the carrier in the electronic control system used.

In all cases, reserves and complaints must be sent to the carrier by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt IN THREE DAYS following delivery of business products, with a copy to the attention of mandatory Les Ecuadors SPRL.

Except in cases of force majeure or act attributable to the Customer, THE TERMS OF RIGHT OF RETURN AND REFUND ARE IMPLEMENTED IN CONSULTATION WITH THE CUSTOMER SERVICE Ecuadors SPRL.

Complaints should be sent to Les Ecuadors SPRL and products returned by the following procedure:

1) Fill out the form in PDF format sent by the customer service Les Ecuadors SPRL. In case of non-compliance with the Order, the Customer provides sufficient and reasoned explanation by filling in the form.

2) Place the product or products, that have never been used, to return with all accessories, instructions and documentation in the original carton or equivalent and attach a copy of the invoice and delivery note accompanied the form or a letter stating the request and return the items.

3) Packages must be sent back with a return receipt to the address on the delivery note. No sending in against refunding will be accepted.

4) In case of defective product, an exchange will be made on the condition return the said product and explain the problem encountered. No product no exchange will be accepted.

In case of fraud or suspected Les Ecuadors SPRL may suspend or defer repayment.

Are not included and reimbursed returned products not complying with the procedure above and in any event the parcels for which no element allowing to identify the sender, ie not including the minimum order number, the e-mail, name, surname, address and the signed form.

The Customer bears the consequences of non-compliance with deadlines abovementioned reserves and complaints.


Overall and in view of the above provisions, Les Ecuadors SPRL commits to a delivery time of up to 20 business days for standard products and 45 business days for customized products.

THE Ecuadors SPRL can not be held responsible for delays in delivery times due to the carrier in case of force majeure or by the client.

If a case of exceeding the delivery time is found, the customer shall immediately inform Les Ecuadors SPRL by calling the telephone number listed on the site and reiterated in the acknowledgment.

In any event and according to law if the overrun is more than 7 days the customer is entitled within sixty days of the request by letter AR cancellation of the Order (except in cases of force majeure or causes Customer), unless the control is safe arrival prior to the application. If the package arrived after the termination of the Customer demand, the latter agrees to return and Les Ecuadors SPRL undertakes to refund the product and shipping, upon receipt of the product by itself, complete and in its original state unless overridden by email the Customer informing the seller of his acceptance.

In respect of the professional, and in light of the foregoing, Les Ecuadors SPRL is committed under the obligation to deliver (within a period of not more than 45 business days for standard products and 80 days for customized products), products of the first traveling to the risks. Similarly, past times abovementioned reserves and complaints, all claims of any kind by the latter shall be deemed inadmissible. It’s the same if he does not perform a rigorous control of the goods and compliance. Without limiting the foregoing, any defect or faulty workmanship recognized after adversarial examination with professional obliges the seller that replacement, free of charge, defective goods accepted to the exclusion of any operating loss or damage complementary.

5. Retraction

5.1 Standard Products

With the exception of custom-made or prepared products, or according to customer specifications or clearly personalized or which, because of their nature, cannot be returned or are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly, the Customer benefits a withdrawal / return 14 days from receipt of the items. EU Directive 2011/83 of 13 June 2014 that standardizes in Europe a 14-day withdrawal period.

If the Customer exercises his right of withdrawal he shall immediately notify the customer service by telephone and confirmed by internet at mail Les Ecuadors SPRL reserved for this purpose, and returns the parcel at its expense.

If prior to deliver the Customer notices that their order is erroneous it shall immediately inform the Customer Service Les Ecuadors SPRL telephone and email, the right of withdrawal / return and applying resulting in cancellation of the Order with the delivery suspension if it is feasible.

The Customer may not return an incomplete product, the packaging was torn, damaged, used / tested or soiled. THE SPRL Ecuadors will not resume it. No sending in against-refunding will be accepted.

Are never returned parcels for which no element allowing to identify the sender, or whose order number is missing, the e-mail, name, surname, address.

Any Product returned must be properly protected in a perfect condition for resale and marketing (not tested, not damaged or soiled by the Client) together with all its accessories, manuals and documentation, to the address indicated with the invoice sent by Les Ecuadors SPRL, on condition that the Client keep a copy.

In case of fraud or suspected or failure to comply with conditions of return, including Les Ecuadors SPRL may suspend or defer repayment.

The reimbursement to the Customer is made at the option of the client, or as an alternative product, or vouchers or a have a good year on the whole site, or by credit card refund, in soon as possible and at the latest within 30 days of the date on which the withdrawal / return is exercised.

The customer service Les Ecuadors SPRL is: Les Ecuadors SPRL – Customer Service – King Gallery, 10-1000 – BRUSSELS – Tel 32 (0)2.514.35.59- www.lesecuadors.com, lesecuadors.be, lesecuadors.be – Internet address of the customer service: lesecuadors@yahoo.fr.

Unless national transposition of extensive public policy of the EU Directive 2011/83, (if the extension is residuary therefore does not apply to the present), the right of withdrawal only benefits consumers contracting individuals for their needs personal.

5.2 Custom Products

Under the provisions of the Consumer Code, the right of withdrawal does not apply to the supply of goods made to customer specifications or clearly personalized, like a product whose raw materials have been selected by the Client and the resulting finished product made on character information transmitted by the latter.

5.3 Warranties

The Customer receives the applicable legal guarantees so-called implied warranty, on the one hand, and compliance on the other.

In the presence of a defect, the Customer has the choice between on the one hand be refund the price, upon the return by him (according to the above terms) of the product or the other, the shelf (affected by latent defect), but subject to a partial reimbursement of the price given by the seller.

In the presence of non-compliance, the Customer can choose between repair and replacement of Product or refund of the price in whole or part.

However Les Ecuadors SPRL may not proceed according to the choice of the Customer when requested solution is unreasonably costly for the seller or oppose it if the conditions for legal applications are not met.

Alternatively to restore the price, Les Ecuadors SPRL may offer vouchers and the Customer accept by notifying by simple email that ends the dispute, the seller having at heart to favor amicable solutions.

6. Prices

The price is expressed in euros. The price displayed on the Site will not include shipping. The price indicated in the order confirmation is the final price, including all taxes and including VAT for Belgium. This price includes the price of products, handling, packaging and storage of goods, transport costs. For customized products that price also includes the intervention of (the) partner (s) Les Ecuadors SPRL may change prices at any time, provided, however that the Products are billed based on rates in effect at the time of Registration Orders, subject to availability. Offers displayed products and prices are valid until they appear on the Site.

Customs fees: they are payable by the Customer

7. Payment

The price charged to the customer is the price indicated on the confirmation / order acknowledgment sent by Les Ecuadors SPRL. The product price is payable the day of the order. The settlement of purchases is by credit card.

By credit card: Payment is made by credit card from one of the networks Visa, Mastercard, Carte Bleue, Bancontact / Mister Cash card or any other method proposed on the site. The disclosure of his credit card number via the website Les Ecuadors SPRL is authorization to debit his account to the amount of products ordered. Online Ecuadors of LES SPRL payment system can pay via a bank server in a secure environment. The Customer Number is directed without going through the server of the shop, to the bank’s servers, which generally leads directly to the client in a secure environment.

The order validated by the customer will be considered effective only when the payment centers concerned have given their consent. In case of refusal, the order will be canceled and the customer notified by email.

By the PayPal Service: The customer is prompted for the username and personal password that it has filed with payment service provider.

In all cases the online provision of the credit card number or password of payment service provider and the final validation of the order following proof of the entire worth of the order placed by the customer and commitment / signature as provisions of the Act of March 13, 2000.

Moreover, Les Ecuadors SPRL reserves the right to refuse any order from a customer with whom there is a dispute. The reliability of the information entered when a command can be checked and automatic alerts triggered based on the indicated information. In this respect the customer may be asked to provide additional information or supporting documents upon which the order may be continued or canceled.

The invoice is sent by email in PDF format to the client.

No money is paid in advance or will be regarded as a deposit.

The products remain the property of Les Ecuadors SPRL until full payment.

Intellectual property

All elements of the site (photographs, illustrations, icons and descriptions, logo, brand) are and remain the exclusive intellectual property of Les Ecuadors SPRL.

Data protection

Guest data are kept confidential by Les Ecuadors ways SPRL. They are used internally for registration to the Website, the treatment of the Customer’s order, development and customization of customer relations by way of email newsletters and information on the one hand or other specific actions of sales promotions which the Customer will not be opposed.

When collecting his data the Customer is informed by the website of the compulsory or optional nature of their answers by the presence of an asterisk. A reply to the mandatory information, the registration can not be registered nor treated control.

Some information may be a communication providers directly involved in the order process as the carrier.

Under the Data Protection Act of January 6, 1978, the Customer may exercise his right of access and right to rectify or delete information concerning him, opposition for legitimate reasons and opposition to commercial prospecting sending a request signed by post to: Les Ecuadors SPRL, King’s Gallery, 10-1000 – BRUSSELS, and communicating their email address, first and last names, and mailing address.


Cookies record certain information that is stored in the memory of the hard disk of the Client but do not contain or disclose personal data. These cookies serve only to facilitate decision order or security of the transaction.

Force Majeure

The responsibility of either party shall be sought if the execution of the contract and of the order is delayed or prevented due to force majeure or acts of God, because of the the other party or a third party or external causes, such as in particular flood, fire, interruption of the supply of energy, raw materials, stock-outs or terminations of supply by the laboratories, any decision health authorities, as well as the total or partial strikes of any kind impeding the smooth running of Les Ecuadors SPRL, such as strikes of transport, postal services. In case of force majeure the obligations of the parties are suspended.


The data recorded by the payment system used and chosen by the customer (bank, payment center by card payment service provider or other), as part of the ordering process and the data recorded by Les Ecuadors SPRL are the proof of all the financial transactions or reached between Les Ecuadors BVBA, Customer and said establishment (or other organization).

Data on computer or electronic, emails constitute evidence and as such, are admissible under the same conditions and with the same value as any document created, received or kept in writing.

8 Applicable law – Responsibilities – Disputes

THE Ecuadors SPRL can not be held liable for damages of any kind, whether bodily or material that could result from a malfunction or improper use of products sold.

In respect of a consumer’s responsibility Les Ecuadors SPRL can not be held liable for damages resulting from force majeure, due to the fact of a third party or any act attributable to the Customer.

The responsibility of the company Les Ecuadors SPRL towards the professional will, in any event, limited to the amount of the order and can not be held liable for damages resulting from force majeure, or due to any act attributable to the Customer or a third party.

In case of difficulties in implementing this contract, the customer has the option, before any legal action to seek an amicable resolution to this effect by asking the customer service of Les Ecuadors SPRL.

Failing amicable settlement, the case will be brought before the competent Belgian courts and only in the event that the buyer would prove to be a professional, the parties attribute exclusive jurisdiction to the Commercial Court of the headquarters of Les Ecuadors SPRL.

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