Cancellation conditions

Standard products

With the exception of Products made or prepared to measure, or according to the Customer's specifications or clearly personalized, or which, due to their nature, cannot be reshipped or are likely to deteriorate or expire quickly, the Customer benefits a right of withdrawal / return of 14 days from receipt of the items. Directive 2011/83 EU of June 13, 2014 which standardizes in Europe a withdrawal period of 14 days.

When the Customer exercises his right of withdrawal, he immediately informs customer service by telephone and confirms it by internet to the email address of LES ECUADORS SPRL reserved for this purpose, and returns the package at its expense.

If before any delivery the Customer notices that his order is incorrect, he immediately informs Customer Service of LES ECUADORS SPRL by telephone and by email, the right of withdrawal / return applying and resulting in a cancellation of the Order with suspension of delivery if this is possible.

The Customer is prohibited from returning an incomplete Product, the packaging of which has been torn, damaged, damaged, used / tested or soiled. LES ECUADORS SPRL will not take it over. No cash on delivery will be accepted.

Packages for which no attached item can identify its sender, or for which the order number, email address, name, first name, address are missing, are never taken back.

Any returned Product must be properly protected, in perfect condition for resale and marketing (not tested, undamaged, damaged or soiled by the Customer) accompanied by all its accessories, user manuals and documentation, at the address indicated , with the invoice sent by LES ECUADORS SPRL, the Customer is responsible for keeping a copy.

In the event of proven or suspected fraud or non-compliance with the return conditions, LES ECUADORS SPRL may in particular suspend or defer reimbursement.

The refund to the Customer is made, at the customer's choice, either in the form of an alternative product, or vouchers or by a credit note valid for one year on the entire Site, or by refund on a bank card, in as soon as possible and at the latest within 30 days of the date on which the right of withdrawal / return is exercised.

Customer service LES ECUADORS SPRL is as follows: 

Customer Service
King's Gallery, 10
Phone: + 32 02 514 35 59
 www.lesecuadors. Com lesecuadors.be, lesecuadors.be - customer service internet address: lesecuadors@ yahoo.fr.

Unless there is extensive national public policy transposition of Directive 2011/83 EU, (if the extension is supplementary it will therefore not apply here), the right of withdrawal only benefits consumers who are natural persons contracting for their needs. personal.

 Custom products

In accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Code, the right of withdrawal does not apply to the supply of goods made to customer specifications or clearly personalized, like a product whose raw materials have been selected by the customer. Customer and the resulting finished product made up on the character indications transmitted by the latter.


The Customer benefits from the applicable legal guarantees known as the hidden defects guarantee, on the one hand, and compliance, on the other hand.

In the presence of a hidden defect, the Customer has the choice between on the one hand having the price returned, subject to the return by him (according to the above terms) of the product, or on the other hand, the conservation of the product (affected by the hidden defect) but in return for a partial refund of the price agreed by the seller.

In the presence of a lack of conformity, the Customer can choose between repairing and replacing the Product or restoring the price in whole or in part.

However LES ECUADORS SPRL may not proceed according to the Customer's choice when the requested solution proves unreasonably onerous for the seller or oppose it when the conditions of legal application are not met.

Alternatively to the return of the price, LES ECUADORS SPRL can offer vouchers and the Customer accept them by notifying it by simple email which puts an end to the dispute, the seller having at heart to favor amicable solutions.

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