Ambre 30ml – Parfums Les Ecuadors

Tender, voluptuous, intimate, rich and sensual. Which carries us into sumptuous Roman palaces where the empresses used it to get closer to the gods.

Les Ecuadors

In 1987 with the opening of their first shop in Brussels, begins a nice family history that two brothers, Marino and Demetrio Fato, passionate about the luxury jewelery-fancy, they create Les Ecuadors, mythical name evocative of a Caravel which, at 15th century, roamed the oceans in search of new treasures.

In a Baroque universe

With shimmering colors dedicated to the most divine adornments, the two brothers wanted to broaden their horizons by adding to their collection a whole line of fragrances which according to them are inseparable from the jewels, because they operate the same magic and reveal The spirit of those who wear them.


With the help of their uncle Djorda who, for 25 years, evolves in the world of perfume, they create a line of wonderful fragrances. Scents as unexpected as daring that know from their launch an unbelievable success.

Patchouli Collection

The Patchouli story that evokes the warmth of the Orient and makes us travel in the midst of the “Flower Power” and hippie era where the powerful and lightly sweetened scents of earth and Patchouli undergrowth were symbol of
Love, sensuality, sexual freedom, free love.

where find us?

King’s Gallery, 10

Queen’s Gallery, 32

  • Lesecuadors@gmail.com
  • + 32 02 514 35 59

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